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Dive into the world of sourcing with ASW2020
A platform curated on the three pillars of opportunity, knowledge and inspiration, ASW invites sourcing specialists from India and around the world, offering them an opportunity to evaluate top global apparel manufacturers, hand-picked for their focus on creativity, quality, delivery commitments and compliance to social obligations.With numerous knowledge and networking platforms to engage both the participants and visitors, ASW is a unique platform that makes it India’s premier sourcing show and a window to manufacturers in Asia.
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8 Quick Facts on why you should be at ASW2020:
India is an emerging fashion consumption market
The current fashion retail market in India, which is worth US $ 50 billion today, is projected to grow at a promising CAGR of 9.7 per cent to reach US $ 115 billion by 2026. More than 100 international brands and retailers have entered the Indian market in the past 5 years. The market is getting stronger as 200 local brands and retailers with 100+ stores & 300+ brands & retailers with 30+ stores are all on an expansion spree, while e-commerce is bridging the consumer divide between the metros and Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. All these retail formats are searching for manufacturing partners.
Window to sourcing in South East Asia
Political stability, rich cultural heritage, modern outlook and strong communication skills make India an ideal location to set up sourcing operations that oversee the region. 1500 big and small international brands have already established offices in India or are working through agents in India for the region. International buyers and manufacturers from all major consumption centres and manufacturing destinations frequently visit the country to create collections and source fabric, yarns and other fashion accessories. An obvious extension is to develop India as a window to sourcing in Asia. ASW is the first step in this direction.
Need for an Indo-global sourcing platform
Although India has a huge and growing fashion retail market, the country does not have an international sourcing event that covers the needs of major retail markets, including India. Indian retailers are searching for the right platform to source with their peers from other retail destinations. The need is to have one consolidated sourcing platform for sourcing for all retailers around the world.
Exchange of ideas is the need of the hour
Exhibitions now have to be more than just product displays, as the time of the buyer and exhibitor is very precious; so adding value is of supreme importance. There is an urgent need for a platform that allows the participants – visitors and exhibitors – to interact and discuss business opportunities in an environment that is charged with purpose. At ASW, equal focus is given on the exhibition and knowledge platform.
Buyers and suppliers want to collaborate
International business is no longer about buying and selling, it is about collaborations along the supply chain. There is no event that fully understands and allows for interactive discussion that perpetuate collaborations, to forge relationships and understand concerns of the manufacturers from different destinations. The product development teams of both the retailers and the producers would also like to see latest display of fabric and accessories so as to begin their PD process in earnest. There is no such platform as yet that covers the entire gamut in garments.
Regional synergies critical to growth of the region
The world is getting smaller and buyers look at regions and not individual countries when sourcing. Asia as a manufacturing hub has been at the centre of all sourcing teams, yet no buyer likes to place all their eggs in one basket and they spread out their sourcing needs to different countries to mitigate risk and also play on individual strengths. Recognising this, ASW has created compatibility among competition, so that the buyer finds all his needs at one source, as per specific market requirements.
Networking with Peers and competitors
The days are gone when a competitor was looked upon as a rival, now it is important to have dialogue with peers and competitors to understand where the industry is going. This transparent exchange of ideas is only possible through extensive networking opportunities that ASW has devised. From networking lunches and dinners to golf tournaments and meditation sessions, ASW promises to create relations that are meaningful.
Fun and enjoyment along with business
Doing business need not be a tiring and tedious job. Well-designed booths, all-day-long food and beverages, curated knowledge and inspirational platforms, all add to the wholesome experience. Post the three-day event, the fun continues with activities for our visitors and exhibitors that include options like tours to places of religious importance, after all, India is the birth place of Buddhism and Hinduism; visit to tourist spots like Mysore, Coorg and Ooty, tour of Vineyards in south India; Post Event Retail Tour and Trend/Design Inspiration Tour.